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Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly Roofing Products

Triton’s products, installed by high quality applicators throughout the world, are the best of the best. Our products are green, environmentally friendly, and sustainable for generations. We are achieving the highest approvals and standards with our products in markets across the globe. Our products have been put to the test and pushed to the limit in the lab and in the field, and our continued research and development ensure that we’ll always be leading the pack.

Our systems provide an alternative to “old school” waterproofing and roofing practices that continuously under perform based on cost and sustainable value. We provide our customers with revolutionary waterproofing products and applications for the entire building envelope and beyond!



TRITOflex™ is a instant-setting liquid rubber that is water-based and environmentally safe. It is a tough yet extremely flexible material that can be efficiently sprayed to any thickness in a single pass creating a fully-adhered, monolithic waterproofing membrane with no waste. TRITOflex™ is lightweight so it can be applied directly over an existing roof system eliminating the need for wasteful and costly tear-offs. Since it is water-based with no VOC’s it is considered a “green” product that is sustainable for years as a restorative waterproofing system.TRITOflex™ is often used as a roof restoration membrane but is also used for below-grade waterproofing, plaza decks, walls, steel beams, pools, ponds, and a variety of other waterproofing applications. Go to our Application Solutions page to see more. TRITOflex™ is a FM-Approved roof system, achieving the highest ratings possible in the industry.



TRITOtrowel™ is a high viscosity water-based patch and flashing compound specifically designed as a high tensile strength yet flexible brush or trowel applied waterproofing membrane. It is typically used as a flashing component for the TRITOflex™ system however, it is ideal for sealing leaky roof penetrations, ductwork seams, cracks, tears and punctures in almost any roof system. TRITOtrowel™ may also be used for a variety of other waterproofing purposes and is installed in only one coat to any desired thickness.




TRITOtherm™ is an acrylic and ceramic based thermal insulating coating that reflects UV rays and dramatically reduces heat transfer through it resulting in a thermal insulating barrier. It is also a premium protective coating that prevents premature degradation to roof membranes it is applied to. It can be used as the surface coat to the TRITOtherm™ system or it may be applied over other types of roofs, pipes, or other exterior surfaces to slow deterioration and provide superior energy efficiency through its reflectivity, emissivity, and thermal properties.




TRITOcryl™ is a premium grade acrylic elastomeric protective coating for various types of roofs including the TRITOflex™ rubber membrane system. It helps to slow degradation to the critical waterproofing components within any roofing or waterproofing system by creating a protective barrier to the sun. TRITOcryl™ is typically provided in white for reflective properties but comes in a variety of colors upon request.




TRITOprime™ is a low VOC asphaltic primer for spray or roll application to existing asphalt based roof systems, metal flashings, or concrete surfaces prior to installing the TRITOflex™ or TRITOtrowel™ products. The thin-bodied SP asphalt penetrates the surface and allows for a stronger cohesive bonding between the old surface and the TRITOflex™ products.

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