4 Elements Roofing & Waterproofing is a group of professionals sealed with integrity. Our monolithic membrane that we install helps to set us apart from other roofing applications that participate in planned obsolescence. We have a holistic approach to commercial flat roofing: Recycle Existing Failed System, Most Sustainable Products on the Market, Very Cost Effective, Least Intrusive System, Truly the most Eco-Friendly, and Provide with the Best Warranties on the market. 4 Elements has a diverse background with 20yrs. experience in commercial, residential, and industrial construction with a focus in sustainability. We are experts in low-slope roofs with all types of traditional systems from our back ground in roof-consulting, as well as 11yrs. in fluid applied systems applications. We asses all roofs with the most advance techniques and technology giving our clients the most accurate information to make an informed decision. If you research our monolithic system and our warranties to alternative systems, you will find we will be set apart.